Karaoke Setup

Silver Setup

Karaoke Party!!

Break the patterns and add Karaoke to the services contracted for entertainment. Regardless of the type of event, corporate party or private party, karaoke pulls you away from your comfort zone and brings moments of entrancement during the party!

The image above shows a Silver Setup installation, which we recommend for events limited to a maximum of 70 persons.

The setup is made up of:

✔ DJ Music Stand (Laptop, Mixing Console, Wireless Microphones, Booth)
✔ Static Lights, mounted on tripods
✔ Electro-Voice Sound System, 3500 W (2 Low Notes + 2 Tops)
✔ Video Projector and Stand, Projection Screen

For additional information, do not hesitate to use the contact form and we will contact you.

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