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Why should you choose Eventurescu?
The experience of more than 8 years, gathered in organizing numerous events, ensures quality, professionalism and cheerfulness
The Eventurescu Team

Indoor and outdoor video projections on LED screens, but also with video projector, with a screen up to 5 meters long.

Setup examples

A wide range of professional equipment, which can be adapted to any type of event. We provide good functionality for events of up to 2000 people.


Full karaoke system, with efficient microphones and speakers, enhancing the voice and avoiding feedback.


Professional wireless microphones, which provide additional mobility and are suitable for any type of event.

About Us

We have all the experience you need to turn your party, event or anniversary into an evening you won’t forget. In over 8 years of activity in event planning, we have learned that every party is different, people are different, and you must adapt to each and every one, in order for the experience to be excellent on both sides

We are a team of 5 licensed DJs, who do their job with passion and responsibility. We love what we do, and this feeling is carried forward by the energy we release at each party.

What our clients are saying

Andra Nicolescu

Liviu was THE recommendation I chose without much “investigation” regarding the way he works, because ever since our first meeting, he inspired confidence and professionalism. A person full of great ideas and advices I learnt throughout 8 months of collaboration, which resulted in a wedding where our guests danced non-stop. Not only did they dance, but they even said that he was the best DJ they’ve seen that year. He took into account our preferences and he also added a special personal touch, which managed to shadow the absence of a live band. You can’t experience a greater joy when, in spite of how tired you get to be, you know that you had the support of an exceptional DJ. Apart from that, after having decided to put my trust in Liviu, a great part of the stress with the organization of the event vanished. I take this opportunity to thank him again for the best party of my life.

Let’s get to know each other!

If you want to have the party of your dreams, contact us by filling in the form below and describe your evening to us.

We bring the energy, the passion and all the ingredients you need for a successful party.

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