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Andra Nicolescu

Liviu was THE recommendation I chose without much “investigation” regarding the way he works, because ever since our first meeting, he inspired confidence and professionalism. A person full of great ideas and advices I learnt throughout 8 months of collaboration, which resulted in a wedding where our guests danced non-stop. Not only did they dance, but they even said that he was the best DJ they’ve seen that year. He took into account our preferences and he also added a special personal touch, which managed to shadow the absence of a live band. You can’t experience a greater joy when, in spite of how tired you get to be, you know that you had the support of an exceptional DJ. Apart from that, after having decided to put my trust in Liviu, a great part of the stress with the organization of the event vanished. I take this opportunity to thank him again for the best party of my life.

Emese Persa

Dear Liviu, that is to say Karaoke DJ, you wonderful man close to our heart,
First of all, we want to thank you for making our wedding the best party ever. By your way of being, active, cheery, friendly and lively, you succeeded in passing to our gusts the mood we wanted them to have. Many wedding guests appraised you. Everything turned out exceptionally and even if you weren’t familiar with the traditions and music from Ardeal, you did a very good job, because everything you do has passion at the source. Congratulations!
We thank you again for being with us at the most important party in our lives and for making our event an exceptional party with quality music!

Emilia Dulman

You know when someone is described as “being the life of the party”? I think that this is your best description, Liviu. An extraordinary man who turns everything into good mood, play, music, fund, smiles and laughter. I strongly recommend him for any type of event, either team building, party, wedding, etc. Every event needs dedication for exceptional results. I look forward to seeing you very soon! Keep on doing what you do, you’re the best!

Andreea Benasich

Are you nervous or stressed that your wedding guests aren’t going to dance… that they aren’t going to smile and sweat, with their mind set on a “Moldavian dance” or on an 80’s song? Hmmm… don’t worry! Choose KaraokeDj. He takes you from one place to another, from one year to another and from one style to another, when you least think of it. The fact that he surprises you and seeing him dance with you and your wedding guests makes you relaxed, and that is why I RECOMMEND HIM! Oh… and one other thing… technically, you have nothing to worry about: he’s got it all covered!

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