Weddings by Eventurescu

Every wedding has a story of its own!

The wedding parties hosted by us are not similar to each other and are not superficial. Each party is unique, in its own way, and we get 200% involved in each event, as if it was our party. We do not have advertising on Google or Facebook, we do not promote our services on YouTube, nor have we hired an advertising company to make us visible, just to sell. We are recommended by the service we provide to our friends, clients of others. You will only work with us if you have a recommendation, otherwise you will not find us by a common Google search.

We customize all the details of your event and we will always give the best recommendations to couples who unite their destinies and choose to party with us. We love what we do and we want it to be the differentiating factor and the heart-warming recommendation.


Apart from food and drink, the music and the entertainment services are a key factor for a successful wedding party. We give you the opportunity to create a playlist as inspiration, but at the same time we advise you to give us the opportunity to provide you with the element of surprise when it comes to putting our know-how into practice.

Whether you have 50 guests, or 350 guests at your wedding, the important thing is to choose the right services for your event. We do not recommend you to opt for services to pay out of your pocket, just for us to sell them. We recommend that you structure your guest list, get an idea of the confirmations you think you will have at the wedding, and have your wedding precisely as you like it, not like you saw in other places. As a matter of principle, the services you choose must pay for themselves, in that way you won’t need to pay for them yourself.

For example: if you have 60-70 wedding guests, we do not recommend hiring a band. A band takes you to a minimum cost of 1500 euros and at least 5-6 menus that you must provide. We recommend that you stick to something simple, a proper setup, with Dj, photographer and videographer, maximum a photo booth. Apart from the entertaining services, you will have very large expenses with menus/clothing/church, etc. This is just one example. However, if your budget allows it, we also have other recommendations for your party:

✅ Professional Sound System, adapted to the number of participants
✅ Static and Dynamic Stage Lighting Scaffolding

✅ Karaoke System for the bold-hearted

✅ Light Fog Machine or Superpower Fog Machine for the wedding dance, Soap Bubble Blower

✅ Photo Booth, Photographer and Videographer

✅ Projection Screen and Video Projector for a slideshow with your story!

✅ LED screen, of various sizes, for exceptional visual effects!

✅ Children Animator or Magic Show, so that the parents can feel relaxed at the party

✅ Wedding DJ or Master of Ceremony

✅ Popular or folklore music singers

✅ Cover Bands or Folk Music Bands with instrumental performers

These services are among the most frequently requested by the brides and grooms who interact with us.

For more details, we invite you to a discussion with us, for a recommendation of the services that identify with your personality!

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