Who We Are

If you get me started, I don’t think I’ll ever shut up,
But I’ll say in few words, how I got caught in this mix-up

So, there I was, in high school man, no money for my entertain,
Listening to tapes till they were drained, over and over again,
CDs were worn-out, and that’s how things started with a thrill.
I became a DJ with no chill, but I wouldn’t stand still.
I loved to dance and move, making people get in the groove,
And the parties went all smooth, with all sort of dudes who like to move,
Partying with all the guys, until we could see the sunrise.

Then, a bit later over the years, trickily as it may appear,
I got to work in a beerhouse, my brother. Good spirits like no other.
Music was running through the veins, the beer was poured in cold pints,
And guess what I did one day? I didn’t even think I’d like this play:
I pressed a button and tried a tone, and then I kept singing in the microphone.
I sang some songs, even jokes I tried, the audience immediately got hyped.
That’s when I knew sooner than ever, that’s the kind of job I’d like to do forever!

1Foto Credit Claudiu Popa

And that’s how my passion came, and my life was never the same.
I knew right from the beginning that this is my calling, no kidding.
You know how it’s like, perhaps, when you find a vocation that lasts,
That you can follow all the way, breath it, have it in your DNA.

The beerhouse job was music to my ears, I kept working there for 2 more years,
But I wanted to become my own man, to grow big was my whole plan.
I knew exactly what to do, and people started coming like glue
Gathered children, very young, to throw parties and have fun,
Making parties and games was my mission, as well as some competitions,
So that people have fun that lasts, everyone to have a blast.

I manned up soon enough and created leverage.
I decided to get close, and a christening to host.
All the guests were entertained, so the right decision was made,
And even the baby would have partied if he could.
2 years later of hard work and sweating, I got to perform as a DJ at a wedding,
Ring dance, sarba, make no mistake, it didn’t take long to get them entertained,
Everyone was on the dance floor, no one sat at the table anymore.

The transition came to place as soon as I gained experience.
I became a party planner, got my vision in this manner.
Weddings, christenings, dinner parties, not to mention children’s parties,
…. and don’t forget about the parties that we throw for companies!

Let’s get to know each other!

If you want to have the party of your dreams, contact us by filling in the form below and describe your evening to us.

We bring the energy, the passion and all the ingredients you need for a successful party.

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